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Stingray System is a policy and claim admin system (with optional billing modules provided). The system is easily customizable, thus finding knowledgeable developers might be hard.

But this is where we can help!

Start of Development

If you decided to work with us, there are a few points that needs to be resolved through Sapiens.

  • if the code repository is hosted at Sapiens, you'll need request for read/write access on our behalf.
  • the database snapshot is required that is suitable for the current version of code
  • if Sapiens is hosting your server:
  • point of contact needs to be identified, where a update information needs to be sent to. You can be such point of contact if desired.
  • if you're hosting yourself
  • we'll provide you with the update information for your environment

Tasks Tracking

  • you will be provided with the access to the task tracking system

Our Software